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Meet the Team


Joseph Perry

Co-Founder, President

Joseph Perry is consultant, coach, pastor, and speaker who works to bring city leaders together to equip and empower them to bringing healing and reform to society’s ills.

Karla Perry

Board Member

Karla is a writer, speaker, author, and worldview revitalizer. She examines the histories, origins, and patterns of thought in people and culture to promote healthy thinking.


Dr. Joseph Umidi

Board Member

Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, International Trainer, and Church Network Leader, Dr. Umidi is the Founder and CEO of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching

Jason Benedict


Jason Benedict is an Enterprise Development Consultant and Trainer with over 15 years of multi-sector experience, and is a Strategist with the Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship. A university think tank where he has been active starting business incubators around the world


Dr. John O. McCloud

Board Member

Dr. John O. McCloud is a Pastor, Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, and is a Coach with Lifeforming Leadership and a certified coach with John Maxwell. He is highly skilled in working with Nonprofit Organizations in  Coaching, Discipleship, Church Consulting, and Pastoral Counseling. He is the pastor of Grace River Church.

Donnovan Campbell


Donnovan Campbell is an accountant with, and the CEO of, Gridlog United, a firm created to help nonprofits provide value to their communities through accounting. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Accounting, Donnovan actively works to transform the world through Christian leadership.


Kimberly Benedict

Board Member

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